Maps & Atlases - She's Like a Hologram

from by Various Artists

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Well I built this house on silt and salt and sand
And I guessed it would pass the test and it would stand
On a window shopping spree
But it's just so hard to see
Through the fire this desire of hers has fanned

Cause that seraph burns her paraffin all night
Hear the cries of all the flies drawn to the light
See the shapeless shifting swarm
It's a buzzing bumbling form
Well suppose now that I chose to stay and fight

I could floor 'em with some lorum ipsum junk
Swing a blackjack, throw the sack smack in the trunk
Drive 'em to the edge of town
Put 'em six feet underground
At the bottom is the spot they'll hit kerplunk

Yes my thumping chest is stumping for her vote
And failing this I'll sail across her moat
Cause the raging, restless sea
Oh it just don't bother me
Though rancored I am anchored to this boat


Oh, she's like a hologram
A balled-up, canned-up bucket of white light
And if I took her hand
And took a stand
Then these plans I just might right

She's a gut shot but the cut clots awful slow
Ring the church bells, watch my blood cells there they go
Oh I'm fine just let me be
Pay no mind don't bother me
Down the gutter, left to shudder in the snow

Yes she sliced my skin and spiced the wound with salt
And she maimed me then she claimed it's all my fault
Drinking wine from a carafe
Down the neck of that giraffe
Does she mind or is she blind to her assault?

Yes they slaughtered then they brought her ivory tusks
And the bums, well they just hum and sing and busk
Cause the deep red frequency
Of the satin, sequined sheet
That she dons well they all fawn upon till dusk

What a silly billy thinking she'd be mine
She don't willy nilly wed men of my kind
She's an island off the map
But there's strength I've yet to tap
So don't dilly dally boy there's no more time



from You Be My Heart: A Benefit for 826 Valencia, released December 9, 2013



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You Be My Heart San Francisco, California

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